About Us

Continuity and Companionship

Regal Care (Nig) Limited a subsidiary of Regal Health Limited (UK) was established to provide our clients, a personalised plan of care delivered with the dignity they deserve in today’s fast paced impersonal healthcare world.

All care is co-ordinated with input from our client, family members, and physicians. We treat each client with honour and respect befitting their experience and age. In fact we are set out to be the best in every facet of home care.

Our experienced team of managers and carers are dedicated to providing a service of the highest standard and are committed to a person centered approach.

Our first priority is to develop a mutual understanding and then aim to provide a solution to your requirement. After an initial discussion to assess individual needs, our experienced managers will work in close conjunction with you, and if appropriate family/friends, to select the most suitable care package for your circumstances.

We offer a wide range of services, and although the following list is by no means exhaustive, it gives an outline of some of the general tasks which our carers are daily involved with.

  • 1-24 hour personal care/ support provided.
  • Assistance with showering, hair washing,toileting, bathing
  • Assistance with preparing healthy meals as well as feeding
  • Assistance to get in and out of bed.
  • Escort for hospital and private appointments/shopping.

Our team work in collaboration with other multi-disciplinary teams within the health sector, e.g Doctors, Physiotherapist, Qualified General/Mental Health Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Nutritionists, etc.

We care about your health,your well-being, and your dignity. We care about your medical, social, and emotional needs. We care about your appointments, schedule, and events. We care about integrity, honour and respect. We care about the details in your life, be they are great or small to give you independence and peace of mind. We care about the well being of our personnel and their training. In short, Regal Care, this is what makes us REGAL, and it is because of this passion for excellence and REGAL has become one of the Nigeria’s leading personal service providers.

All assessments, care plans, and delivery service are based on these values with the full agreement of each individual service user.