Our Services

At Regal Care, we believe we all want to look after our less able and the elderly,most especially when they become inactive and special support are needed to make them enjoy the remaining part of their lives.

We believe our daily activities does not permit us to sit at home all day in order to take adequate care of our loved ones, and most of us would not want to choose the old people’s home, or employing a house maid who is not trained in the area of health and safety to look after your loved ones and continuity may also be a problem.

Many of our elderly will prefer to remain in the comfort of their homes,should they become less active or while convalescing, we provide outstanding home care services. Our carers will provide comfort and support to those that need home care.

Perhaps you require assistance with your daily routine, whatever the level of support you require to maintain your personal hygiene, we can assist you. We are able to offer our clients full assistance with the following daily activities;

  • Initial full assessment of our clients (Terms and Conditions) 
  • Building a therapeutic relationship with our clients 
  • Toileting, bathing or showering and other personal care, so that you are ready for the day ahead
  • 1-24 hour  personal care/support provided
  • Help with domestic tasks/shopping 
  • Assistance with preparing healthy  meal as well as feeding 
  • Assistance to get up and go back to bed 
  • Escort for hospital and other private appointments 
  • Supply of wheel chair or frames to support client’s movement.

Respite/Company when and where you need it

Regal Care (Nig) Ltd will provide support to clients and their families. We provide service to enable the main carer to have time for themselves. If you are caring for someone, you may not want to leave them on their own whilst you do something for yourself. We will care for that someone for a few hours whilst you are not there.( 24 hours notice required)

Meal Time

A carer can either assist you in the kitchen or prepare a healthy meal for you. We believe some individual like to have company and will have an excellent diet/fluid intake if supported.


Sometimes, it’s not easy to remember when to take your medication, or even where it is kept. We will give you the necessary assistance you require to take the prescribed dose.


Confidence is often all that is needed at night to enable people stay in their home. Whether it is for one night or support for a few nights. A member of our team can give you that support.

Medical Attention

Regal Care work in collaboration with other multi-disciplinary teams, we are able to arrange members of other healthcare professionals to attend to you if the need arises  or during emergencies.